Philippines Latest Weather Condition

The Philippines is one of the countries in South East Asia that mostly battered by Storms.

LPA or low pressure mostly starts in the Pacific Ocean during rainy season where most of the LPA that became Typhoon moves directly toward the country.

Due to repeatedly disaster that the country encountered in this fast years where Super Typhoon happen like in Cebu where “Typhoon Yolanda” destroy hundreds of houses and taken thousands of life, people are now more vigilant of our weather especially in rainy season.

Aside from TV and radio where weather news updates are being broadcast to the public, Internet plays also an important role where most people called “netizens” more often used social media to covered news.

In preparation of upcoming typhoon, people are now collecting data on what and where is the typhoon is heading on?  What province will it land? And how strong is the storm or typhoon?

Now, by using Internet, you can browse some useful Weather Sites that gives the latest and early prediction on how strong the storm or typhoon and where it’s heading?

There are several weather site that we can find in the web, but sometimes some of them is confusing.

To better understand the latest updates in our weather, I recommend some of my useful weather site that you can also use in gathering information about our weather.


PAGASA is our very own Weather Bureau Agency, it’s very useful and updated. It gives us all the information of any weather disturbance. It’s also predict if there’s a chance that it will rain today or not? To know more about this site kindly click the link.

Joint Typhoon Warning Center

This Weather Bureau is an international weather site that monitored all weather disturbance in the planet, they monitored the Western/South Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. To know more about this site kindly click the link.

This is just two of many weather sites that you can gather information in the web, I only recommend this two as the most easiest for me to gather information about weather.

Hope this article helps for people searching the right information in weather.