LeBron James and Kyrie Irving Both Scores 41 pts. Leads the Cavaliers in Game 5 Win Over GSW

Cleveland Cavaliers stay alive in NBA Finals after defeating the Golden State Warriors in Game 5 victory 112-97.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving leads the Cavaliers with a combine points of 82 pts. To extend the series to Cleveland Ohio, for Game 6 at Quickens Loan Arena.

James scores 41 points 16 rebound And 7 assist while Irving scores 41 points and 6 assist, the first teammates to score at least 40+ points in NBA Finals History.

LeBron James, known for playing great everytime he is playing eliminations. He is focus, sharp and determined at the start of Game 5 despite every time he touch the ball fans at the Oracle Arena are booing him, he finish the 1st half with 25 points to lead all the CAVS in scoring.

Kyrie Irving who posted his career high in scoring in NBA Finals in Game 4 with 34 points, scores a new career high in Game 5 with 41 points. He’s 3rd straight 30 or more points in NBA Finals.

Game 5, is closed game, no team able to pull away, just like in Game 4, the 4th quarter is the deciding factor on what team will prevail and this time the Cavaliers hold on to win Game 5.

Klay Thompson, lead the Warriors in scoring with 37 points, scoring 28 points in the 1st half in an explosive shooting in 3 point area. Reigning MVP Stephen Curry scores 25 points.

The Warriors, who missed the service of Draymond Green, due to a flagrant foul penalized by the league after reviewing the incident between him and LeBron James, where Green hit James in the groin area after James stepping over him.

Green, is expected to return in Game 6, where the Warriors will try again to finish the Cavaliers at their own home? The same situation last year where the Warriors won their Championship in Game 6.

Meanwhile, Warriors center Andrew Bogut, suffer a knee Injury in the 3rd quarter of Game 5, after a collision with JR Smith. Bogut is schedule for MRI according to report.

The series is now 3-2, The Warriors are still ahead, but the Cavaliers are roaring back to get even in the finals.