Greatest Player of All Time? LeBron James Cemented His NBA Legacy after Winning His 3rd NBA Title

The 3rd NBA Championship of LeBron James might be the best and important Championship of his NBA career for now!

He already won two rings with the Miami Heat, but highly criticize after joining other two NBA Superstar in the likes of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to form the so called “Big Three” just to win a NBA title.

Cleveland despise LeBron James after leaving them. Some curse him, burn his jersey and even said that he will never win an NBA Championship.

After 4 years in Miami, James decided to come home, Cleveland Celebrate the news, delighted that the King is coming back.

James, promise that he will give Cleveland a Championship that the team never had in franchise History.

Cleveland built supporting cast around James, with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, CAVS built their own “Big Three”.

In James return to the Cavaliers he makes the team an NBA Finals contender, he lifted the team to an NBA Finals appearance.

He face the Golden State Warriors, almost single handedly forcing himself to perform a monster game in every single game they play but due to absence of two other superstar Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

James and the Cavaliers losses the 2014-2015 NBA Championship and James was once again criticize after having another NBA Finals loss.  James falls down in NBA Championship with 2 Championship and 4 losses.

In 2015-2016 NBA Season, the Cavaliers is the favorite to win the Eastern Conference while the Golden State Warriors is the Western Conference bet. The prediction came true the two teams once again meet in NBA Finals rematch.

Golden State Warriors was the favorite to win the NBA Championship! Dominating the first four game of the Finals lead the series 3-1 with one win away for another title.

But James has another thing in mind. Despite Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving presence in the Finals it was LeBron James remarkable performance that rally back the Cavaliers to overcome a 3-1 deficit and made history as the first and only team to overcome a 3-1 deficit in NBA Finals History.

James, now fulfilled his promise of giving the Cavaliers first NBA Championship and lifted the curse in the city of Cleveland of 52 years drought of any championship in professional sports.

James, was also the only player in NBA Finals History to lead both teams in scoring, rebounding, assist, steal and blocks. He has a total of 3 Championship and 3 Finals MVP and 4 Regular season MVP.

Some sports analyst said that the 3rd Championship and remarkable performance of LeBron James in the recent Finals cemented his legacy in NBA and considered as top 5 NBA Greatest Player of all Time.

And for now critics and haters momentarily silent by LeBron James achievements and awaits another failure to happen?

Congrats to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA Champion!!!