Watch: Glowing Angel Caught in Cam at a Mall in Indonesia

A viral video of real Angel caught on cam inside a Mall somewhere in Indonesia.

The video shows a glowing Angel coming to the scene of a recording cam, landing on the ground and fly off very quickly.

The incident was captured not only by a security cam but also seen by a few kids who happen to be in the area that night, they immediately runs toward to the scene where the Angel landed and fly off very quickly.

The kids are puzzled on what they witness, they search and inspect thoroughly on the area and pointing flashlight on the ground on the exact spot that the Angel landed, wondering on what an earth was that?

According to the source, after analyzing every details of the video it proves that the Angel was real! The evidence that the security cam caught it and the few kids that runs toward the scene and searching what they witness that night is a very hard evidence that the Angel was really real.

Another hard evidence that the Angel was real is the lighting that comes up all over the place before the Angel landed on the ground and after flying off very quickly.

Even though the source admitted that there is a very little possibility that the video was Photoshop? But still stand on his believe that 99.9% is not fake.

What can you say about this video? Is this real or another edited video that want us to believe that there is a real Angel mixing to us?

Just like ghost, alien and ufo sightings, despite many hard evidence was shown or witness by other people, still many of us do not believe?

How about you?
source: youtube