Watch: Carmelo Anthony Hug By a Kid during a Live Game

In the unexpected event a young boy run on to the court to hug New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony during a live game.

With only 51 seconds left on the game between New Orleans Pelicans and New York Knicks, as the ball is inbounding by a Knicks player, the game was interrupted when a little boy suddenly runs on the court to hug Carmelo Anthony.

 A very touchy moment for the kid to meet and hug one of the premier player of the league.
The kid did not cause any trouble in the court besides from delaying the game and embarrassing his mother.

Unfortunately because of that incident two of the Arena staff was fired for not preventing crowd control.

NBA rules and some other sports, crowd control is always implemented to protect the players or athlete from any fans who wants to meet their idol during live game or prevent any attackers to hurt any players.

A good example that crowd control should always implemented is the incident happen in 1993, when Tennis star Monica Seles, stab by a deranged fan during a break between games, she was quickly rushed to the hospital where she heal her injuries for several weeks.

The action of the kid might fulfill his dream but his dream caused to people loss their job. Let this lesson learn for all the fans and arena staff and security.