Volcano in Kyushu Exploded After Series of Mega Quake Happen In Japan

On April 14, 2016, Kumamoto, Japan was hit by a Magnitude 6.2 earthquake and just after midnight or 3 hours after the first earthquake another 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Kumamoto to make worst or conflicated the rescue mission.

Not yet fully recovering from earthquake occurred on Thursday, an active volcano exploded on Kyushu Island of Japan yesterday.

Reports says that it was the first eruption on this month of Mount Aso, one of the biggest and most active volcano in Japan on Kyushu Island, which also felt the strong earthquake, 29 people were believed killed and many were trapped in landslides.

Despite a 100 meters high of smoke seen on the recently exploded volcano, no reported injuries occurred in areas near the volcano.

Mt. Aso, has a height of 1,592 meters and an hour and a half from Kumamoto, where series of strong earthquake happen and the epicenter of the two mega quake.

The earthquake was located 10 kilometers to the epicenter, near surface shallow that resulted to intense and wide movements over the damages occurred.

Initial reports, some 200,000 homes lost, electricity and potable water and many residents were evacuated in gymnasiums and hotel lobbies.

Also found that up to 10 people were killed and 800 injured in the 6.5 earthquake occurred on Thursday in the southwestern island of Kyushu.

Despite a series of earthquakes in Japan, there is no abnormalities seen in Sendai nuclear plant in Kyushu.

Based on the information, most of the casualties were from the town of Mashiki the epicenter of the quake which many apartments or houses are devastated that trapped many residents.

As of now, it feared that that nearly 60 people trapped inside the building, including those in the home for the aged
source: abante