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Pacquiao and Mayweather Verbally Fighting over The Result of Pacquiao’s Recent Win against Bradley

The new WBO International Welterweight Title Manny Pacquiao and former undefeated and now retired Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. are exchanging bad words over the result of Manny Pacquiao’s recent fight with Timothy Bradley that went into 12 rounds and lead to a unanimous decision with a score cards of 116-110, favoring Pacquiao.

 Floyd Maywether Jr, who was been spotted also in MGM Grand and watched Pacquiao/Bradley III through Pay per View, think that the result of the fight should be a Draw? Mayweather felt that the pro-Manny crowd unfairly influenced the judges—who all called the fight 116-110 in Pacquiao's favour.

Pacquiao’s camp retaliate over Floyd Mayweather assessment of the fight. Manny Pacquiao believes Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a "problem" with his mind and he should remain retired as a boxer during an interview with 24 oras a news and public affairs in the Philippines.

Despite Floyd Mayweather Jr is already retired in boxing and Manny Pacquiao’s recent announcement of his retirement after beating Bradley, rumors still circulate that there is still a little possibility that both fighters are stepping into the ring again and settle this on who is really the best boxer?

Mayweather beat Pacquiao when they met last May in Las Vegas, in a controversial decision. He has been silent till recently commenting on the result of Pacquiao/Bradley III.

While Pacquiao, has already announce his retirement and will enjoy his life with his Family, admitted that in his heart he is 50/50 of retiring his gloves?

Who knows what will happen with these two greatest fighter of all time? Will they meet again inside the boxing arena? Or will they continue to fight verbally?

How about you guys? Do you want these two pound per pound best boxer of all time to meet again and settle this on who is the truly best boxer between them?

Kindly comment bellow on who’s for Manny Pacquiao and who’s for Floyd Mayweather Jr?

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7 comments to ''Pacquiao and Mayweather Verbally Fighting over The Result of Pacquiao’s Recent Win against Bradley"

  1. If Mayweather and Paquiao fight may revive, nobody is interested anymore, we knew already the ring style of mayweather is just running inside the's a boring entertainment. nothing knew to the stlye of mayweather , he is a runner not a boxer.

  2. yeah I agree with that, floyd style is annoying.. he always keep avoiding pac through hugging and running.

  3. You didn't mention how unfair of a foe Mayweather is. Always wanna be ahead. Disturbing Manny's training all the time because of those bullshit random tests. Everyone knows Manny has issues with needles. It's not a secret he's afraid of it, so as many US Marines. Plus he paid the spar mates of Manny not to train with him. So, did he even fight the Manny that we want him to fight? There was no Manny in the ring during that fight. I'm beginning to think that they injected Manny's right shoulder many times to injure it more. It's just a speculation, but everyone knows how Mayweather thinks.

  4. Mayweather beat Pacquiao when they met last May in Las Vegas, in a controversial decision.,,REALLY.??....REALLY...???....NO, Mayweather beat the breaks off Manny, Made him look like a amateur ....

    1. Try watching the fight again. Only in slow mo this time. You will see how effective pacquiao in landing. Most of mayweathers shots just glanced pacquiaos gloves

    2. The mayweather pacquiao fight was not a fair fight...
      Pacquiao fought a chicken...

  5. I think it's a warm-up provocation. If it will draw huge interest to the fighters then their companies will definitely settle the battle. It's just a direct link to the court - commercial.


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