Watch: The Replay of 2016 Pilipinas Debates Round 2 in Cebu

Candidates for Presidency once again met for the second time in Pilipinas Debates 2016 Round 2.

The second debate was held in UP Cebu. Cebu was known to be a rich capital for voters. TV5 was assigned to host the second event anchored by Luchi Cruz Valdez.

The debate was delayed for an hour after the camp of VP Binay co- candidates and TV5 argued about of bringing notes on the podium.

According to Comelec rules, they prohibits of bringing any notes on the podium during the debate.

TV5 and host Luchi Cruz Valdez, take the responsibility and misunderstanding after giving a wrong information to VP Binay.

The Debate was attended by Administration bet Mar Roxas, (UNA) Vice President Jejomar Binay, (PDP-Laban) Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and (Nationalist People's Coalition) Senator Grace Poe. While (People's Reform Party) Miriam Santiago, unable to attend the second debates.

During the first stage of the debate, it was VP Binay and sen. Grace Poe, had a heated argument, Binay questioning the legality of the citizenship of Poe, while Poe,questioning the alleged corruption of VP Binay.

While Mayor Duterte, seem’s cool and a little bit joker at first and Mar Roxas, laid out the achievements of Aquino’s Government “Daang Matuwid”.

Sen. Grace Poe, was asked about FOI and why this legislation did not passed the congress?

Mayor Duterte, was asked about the importance of Charcoal and the consequences of Climate Change.

In the second round, VP Binay, was asked about his proposal of removing income tax to employee whos salary is P30,000.00 and below and how to compensate for the loss of that tax?

Mar Roxas, was asked about the budget for the Rehabilitation of Yolanda, which still many victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas and Cebu waiting for the assistance of the Government

When it comes to the matters of crime rate and drugs in the country, a heated conversation between Mayor Duterte and Mar Roxas was seen. It also led to probing whether or not Mar Roxas is a graduate of Wharton and later on called him “Fraud” by Mayor Duterte.

In "High Hand" (Taas Kamay) segment, the four candidates disagree to enact "Divorce" in the Philippines, While Mayor Duterte and Sen. Grace Poe, agree to the enactment of "Death Penalty" in the country. VP Binay and Mayor Duterte, both agree on former President Ferdinand Marcos to bury in “Libingan ng mga Bayani”.

And the most awaited Q@A portion candidate vs candidate, a candidate will ask question to his or her fellow candidates then both will debate on the topic that was asked?

VP Binay, was the first to ask Mayor Duterte, but declined to ask question, he praised Mayor Duterte, that he and Duterte, is the only qualified President out of the four candidates.

While sen. Grace Poe ask then former DIG sec. Mar Roxas, why the President did not trust or told about the Mamasapano mission that went out to Mamasapano massacre.

Mar Roxas and VP Binay talks about the corruption that are facing by the Binay’s.

The debate ended with a closing statement by each candidate.

What can you say about our Presidential Candidate’s? who do you think gives a better answer on the current problems of our country?
source: youtube