Cute Little Girl Impress Simon Cowell after Showing Her Expertise in Handling Sword

Jesse Jane McParland is a 9 year old girl from Ireland, she impress the world by showing her expertise in Martial Arts especially in handling sword in Britain’s Got Talent, The biggest television talent competition in Britain.

Jesse Jane, was accompanied by her father, as they try their luck in Britain’s Got Talent audition.
During the interview with one of the judges (Simon Cowell).  Co judges can’t help but praising this little girl’s undeniable cuteness.

But Despite her harmless looking with a cute and innocent face, you better think twice before messing with this girl or you’ll be sorry after you experience her karate moves.

Jesse Jane, revealed during the interview that her parents wants her to be an Irish dancer, but she don’t like it and instead she start learning martial arts at the age of 3, she also revealed the reason why she try the audition is to impress Simon Cowell, because he is the bosses of wonder action.

When she begun to show her talents, everyone was amazed including all the judges, after seeing her expertise in sword handling and doing some stunts while holding a very sharp sword.

After she finished her audition, audience and judges give her standing ovation and the four judges gives her four “yes” as she passes the audition.

What can you say about this cute little girl? Is she really great in handling sword!
source: youtube