“AlDub” First Mall Tour Fills TriNoma Mall with More Than 4,000 Fans

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka “AlDub”, seen for the very first time together in a mall tour in TriNoma Activity Center.

The duo, are promoting their latest endorsement from Bench.

Where Alden and Maine,simultaneously launched as endorsers of different product line last Wednesday at TriNoma Mall.

Alden Richards, who endorse the latest product of Bench Clay Doh Lite, a hair product from Bench Fix Salon.

While Maine Mendoza, endorse a fragrance line from Bench.

Sources says that the launching of Alden and Maine for their endorsement on Bench is considered to be the most challenging of all Mall launch.

The mall, was filled by more than 4,000 fans who join together to witness the hottest love team in local showbiz, Alden and Maine “AlDub”.

Thousands of fans are screaming and thrilled after seeing their much awaited presence of their favorite idol, Alden and Maine seen on-stage.

Once again the popularity of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka “AlDub” continues their success that until now fans continues their support on the duo.

Meanwhile, due to the thousands of fans that attended the mall tour, the mall management added more security guard and steel barricades just to make sure that no fans will go on-stage and also to secure the safety of people around the mall.
sources: youtube, abante, inquirer