Scary Picture Of Unborn Child, Seen A Devil Beside It While Inside Her Mother's Womb

On what could be a very happy moment for a parents to see their unborn child in front of an ultrasound scan for the very first time, turn’s to be a freaky and eerie moment.

The ultrasound picture of an unborn child, went viral in the social media and puzzled many netizens after a strange looking figure was seen inside a mother’s womb.

The picture shows a baby quietly resting and a human like figure or entity at the right side of the scan picture near the unborn child that looks like watching over or guarding the baby while inside the womb of her mother.

Many social media user shared their different opinions on the strange looking figure that nears the unborn child, some said it was a demon, who has seen a horn in the forehead as it staring over the child, other said it was a woman Hindu Goddess, and some say’s it was a mermaid. But whatever it is, it’s clear that there is something inside there together with the unborn child and it’s really a very creepy situation.

The strange picture was not the first to be recorded of strange phenomena of unborn child, who have seen a strange figure inside an ultrasound scan. Another mother, who captured an ultrasound picture showing her unborn child kissing by a human head figure, who she said it was her grandfather.

source: mirror , youtube