Extreme Cold Affecting Asian Country, Already Killed Several People

An unusual weather condition are affecting Asian countries like Taiwan, South Korea, China, Japan and some nearby country over the past weekends.

Thousands of people are stranded and dozens of people have died due to cardiac arrest and hypothermia.

In Taiwan, an estimated of 85 people have died. most of them are elderly people aging from 60 years old and above.  Temperature dropped to 4°C, where most of the houses in Taiwan have no central heating that could provide and help them from extreme cold.

In South Korea, around 90,000 tourist are stranded at Jeju Islands Airport. Where the airport is temporary closed due to heavy snow fall.

In Hong Kong, a 3°C cold weather, was the first time they experience over the past 60 years, forcing some primary school to temporary closed. Due to extreme cold some provinces in China, experience for the first time a snow fall.

In Japan, tropical island of Okinawa, has also experience for the first time a snow fall.

While, in Philippines, extreme cold was also experiencing especially in the morning.

The cause of unusual cold might be due to continues climate changing of the planet, where snow from south pole and north pole are slowly melting.