Double Decker Bus Started To Run the Road of EDSA

Philippines - A dry run has been test in EDSA for the newly released double decker bus that can help to lessen the tremendous traffic in EDSA.

The Double Decker bus had some features like TV, CR, Free WIFI and Videoke. The purpose of this new bus is to replace old buses in EDSA and to reduce long piled of commuters waiting to board in MRT.

This new buses also promised the comfort of every passenger that will board the said bus. A condition between the LTFRB and the operators of the double decker bus and current operators and new operators that will invest this kind of bus.

The buses is a non-stop, which a point to point destination. The initial route of double decker bus is from North EDSA to Glorietta  and another route from TriNoma to Glorietta and Megamall, Ortigas to Glorietta and vice versa.

So far, there are several commuters that doesn’t know this alternative bus.
For the fare of this new buses it’s much little higher compare to the ordinary aircon buses and ordinary buses that we used to commute.

 But as it said the comfortability that you will experience in this buses will assure you that the added fare will be worthed.

This buses will not stop in any bus stop, it has a special permit to change lane whether it’s private lane or yellow lane, in order to travel past.

The new released of double decker bus, should or might help the problem of all commuters in EDSA. The heavy traffic that they experience somehow will be lessen if this double decker bus will be success.