David Blatt Fired On His Second Year as Cleveland Cavaliers Coach

The Cleveland Cavaliers made a big change on their organization, especially when it comes to coaching job.

On January 22, 2016, they fired Coach David Blatt. The move is surprisingly unexpected despite the success of the team as the number one team in the Eastern Conference with 30 win and 11 loss.

(L) outgoing Coach David Blatt, (R) incoming Coach Tyronn Leu

Rumors said that the reason of firing Coach David Blatt, is due to a humiliating loss to defending champion Golden State Warriors where they beaten by as much as 34 points last January 18. (98-132 Warriors). Prior to that they also loss their first meeting on Christmas Day.

Aside from the Warriors, the Cavaliers also loss to another top contender in the West, San Antonio Spurs, last January 14. (95-99 Spurs).

Both top seeded team in the Western Conference (1) Warriors and (2) Spurs, seems that the Cavaliers is no match or answer on how to beat them?

Another speculation that is also buzzing in the Cavaliers locker room is the misunderstanding of the coaching and the players? Particularly LeBron James, who are now many people speculates that he might be the reason of David Blatt’s being fired as coach.

Coach David Blatt will replaced by his lead assistant coach Tyron Leu, in a 3 year multi million contract. Leu,has been a top contender in the coaching job position before the arrival of David Blatt.

David Blatt, help the Cleveland Cavaliers, to reach the 2014-2015 NBA Finals in his rookie coach in NBA. Despite the on and off relationship to Cavaliers Superstar LeBron James, they made success from last season and now having the best record in the Eastern Conference.

Blatt’s reputation and success as international coach is unbelievable when it comes to Euroleague.

With this changes in the Cavaliers Coach Job, hope that it will benefit both the Cavaliers and Coach David Blatt.
 source: yahoo