Alaska Aces Takes Game 2 of their Semis Match against Globalport in a Physical Game


PBA – The Alaska Aces bounce back in Game 2, beating GlobalPort batang Pier 100 – 76, in a very physical game that leads to multiple technical fouls on both team.

Early in the game, Alaska Aces player Don Don Hontiveros and Anthony Semerad of Globalport Batang Pier got tangled as both player falls down the floor with 52.6 seconds remaining in the 1st quarter.

Calvin Abueva, quickly run to pick up Don Don Hontiveros, but as he pulls up Hontiveros he knockdown Anthony Semerad of Batang pier. Jay Washington reacted to Albueva’s action and he quickly retaliate and push Calvin Abueva. Vic Manuel gives also a push at the back of Jay Washington, after seeing his team mate Abueva was push by Washington.

As Jay Washington was about to fall down, he drags down Hontiveros, that resulted to a heated argument of the two.

When the heated argument started in both team, the referee immediately stop any argument and quickly separates players to avoid further arguments that may lead to a fight. PBA commissioner Chito Narvaza, was also on the scene of argument to restore everything.

Both party were given penalty of their un-sportsmanship conduct. After several review, Alaska Aces player Hontiveros, Abueva and Manuel has given technical fouls for second motion as well as Washington and Semerad of Globalport.

Later on the game Jay Washington was thrown out of the game after receiving another technical foul against Calvin Abueva.

The series is now tied 1-1 of the semi-finals best of seven series.
source: youtube


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