The Cavaliers And Tristan Thompson Finally Agreed On A 5 Year Deal worth $82 Million

Just a few days to go before the start of the 2015-2016 NBA Season. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Forward Tristan Thompson, finally reached an agreement that keep both parties happy.

General manager David Griffin, announced on Cleveland clinic courts, that Forward Tristan Thompson, has finally re-sign with the CAV’s in a 5 year deal worth $82 million contract.

It is remembered that Thompson and his agent decline first an $80 million offer of the Cavaliers a few months ago where Thompson’s agent wants a maximum contract of 5 year deal $94 million. Since then the both parties became cold to one another.

On the day where Thompson, must sign  contract for qualifying offer, worth $6 million, he refused it  that resulted to a holdout.

Many speculations, that the relationship between the Cavaliers and Thompson has been damage and it will result for Thompson to leave Cleveland for sure.

Toronto Raptors, was reported that they are having interest on Tristan Thompson, if the CAV’s and Thompson part their ways.

Thompson, who is a bench player, emerged in the 2014-2015 playoffs, after star forward Kevin Love suffered a shoulder injury. Thompson help the Cavaliers to reach the NBA Finals, being the best rebounder, defender, hustle play and a blocker. He averaged 9.6 points and 10.6 rebounds in 15 starts.

Social media user also share their opinion on Tristan Thompson, situation. Some say that Thompson does not deserve to pay $94 million max contract for a bench player. While others agree to Thompson demand.

But all  of that is now water under the bridge, as the two parties are now both happy in the contract that Thompson sign in.  now that all are settled its time for Thompson, to do what he does and help the thing to go back in the Finals.

As of now the Cleveland Cavaliers, are the heavy favorite in Eastern Conference and with the re-sign of forward Tristan Thompson, all are now looking good for the Cavaliers.