MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, Ask LP To Remove Him From Senate Slate

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Chairman Francis Tolentiono, Ask Liberal Party or (LP) of the Administration to remove his name in the list of candidate that will run for the 2016 Elections.

The MMDA Chairman, is facing controversy after a scandalous performance of female group who perform in a birthday occasion and oath taking of some LP members last week.

The female sexy group known as “Play Girl” is believe  a gift of MMDA Chairman to perform at the birthday party of Laguna Representative Benjamin Agarao.

However the female sexy group “Play Girl” brought shame to the Liberal Party and to MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, after twerking on stage together with some male audience.

Tolentino, which is now facing charge, admit his mistake and ask forgiveness to women's group of unable to stop the dance performance of “Play Girl” who brought shame and anger to some netizens.

With this scandal MMDA Chairman Tolentino’s future to run for Senator might be interrupt, and might no longer run for the 2016 Elections.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, is known for his streak policy of traffic regulation in Manila and Quezon City. He express his ambition to run for Senator for 2016 under the Administration party list.

While Grabriella women's group said that MMDA Chairman, ask of  forgiveness is insufficient that he should rather resign from his position.

Meanwhile the Liberation Party or LP, are also blamed of the said incident of the female group “Play Girl” Presidential Bet Mar Roxas, Vice President Bet Leni Robredo express their opinion that they not tolerate their member’s behavior and express their support to some women's group protest.

If MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, is proven guilty he might be terminated from his position and cannot able to run for Senator on 2016 Elections.