Coach Jason Webb And His Team Hot Shots, Spoiled Coach Tim Cone Debut As Coach Of Brgy. Ginebra

Last Sunday, October 25, Manila Classico, was held in Araneta Colliseum. The Star Hotshots and Brgy Ginebra featured in Sunday main event, witness by 16,000 plus basketball fanatic’s inside the arena, which mostly cheering to Brgy Ginebra, the most popular team in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Aside from the game itself, it was also anticipating the debut of coach Tim Cone as Bgry. Ginebra coach and Joe Devance  against their former team Star Hotshots.

The Departure of Coach Tim Cone, from Star Hotshots and the transfer to Ginebra, was ordered by the SMC management, despite the hard feeling of leaving the Star Hotshots, Cone take the challenge and having the great opportunity to coach the most popular team in the PBA.

Tim Cone, has given the Hotshots formerly known as San Mig Coffee, multiple title including the Grand Slam Champion in 2014.

Brgy. Ginebra are also having a high expectation that this time coach Tim Cone, will bring back the glory days for Ginebra. The Championship, that once grab since last 2007.

But for now the Hotshots, temporary spoiled Brgy Ginebra and their fans.  Although it was only the first game of Ginebra, the blown out game that they suffered, leads to many question? But for coach Tim Cone, he admitted that it was his fault, why they loose the game.

Tim Come, admitted that he was outcoached by his protégé, rookie coach Jason Webb. Coach Webb, who join the Hotshots in 2014 as assistant coach. Since then he stand beside coach Tim Cone, till the departure of the winningest coach of the PBA.

Bgry. Ginebra losses the game by eight point to the Hotshots, but most of the game it was a blown out game. the biggest lead of the Hotshots came up to 31 pts it was also the first win of Jason Webb as a Coach.