Amazing Footage Of Massive Floating City, Witness Over The Province Of China

A viral footage that was allegedly recorded by one of Chinese citizen over Foshan, China. Puzzled many Netizens, on what is the caused of massive city floating over the sky of China.

Reports said that on October 7, 2015. thousands of citizens in Foshan, China, was shocked after witnessing the strange phenomena of floating mysterious city in their town.

The Mysterious city, shows massive sky scraper, with different sizes, floating over the sky. The phenomena takes only a few minutes till it completely vanished in thin air.

Meanwhile, experts explain that the cause of floating city seen over the sky of Foshan, might be caused of a Mirage, Project Blue Beam or a Parallel Universe?.

Lets elaborate this three causes:

1. Mirage is a  optical illusion in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky. Sometimes this illusion may seen above the sky or below the land. In this case a superior mirage called fata morgana, that might caused this phenomena.

2. Project Blue Beam, is another scenario that might cause the mysterious floating city. a holographic technology that  might intentionally test  to get some reaction to the people living in the city of Foshan, China.

3. Parallel Universe, is the last scenario that might temporary open vortex that cause to temporarily seen another city in another universe.

These are just some different scenario that caused the mystery of this floating city over the sky of China, but till there is no concrete explanation on what might caused these strange phenomena, I would say if this is unique? It is really amazing?

What do you think of this floating city? Is this real? Or just another experiment of China?
source: youtube