AlDub Duo Named As The 2015 Hottest Love Team In Showbizness

“Ang Pinaka” an entertainment program of GMA News TV. Hosted by Rovilson Fernandez. features  on their TV segment the list of “The 2015 Top 10 hottest showbiz love team in the Philippines”.

By popularity the list was organized from Top 10 to Top 1, which features all popular love team in the country, which came from different network. whether from GMA, ABS-CBN, ABC 5 and others.

Among the candidate’s, are the love team of the Following:

Top 10 – Gab-Ru
Top  9  – Bi-Guel
Top  8  – Al-Kris
Top  7 – Juli-Elmo
Top  6 – Jan-Elmo
Top  5 – Kim-Xi
Top  4 – Liz-Quen
Top  3 – Ja-Dine
Top  2 – Kath-Niel

And the Ang Pinaka 2015 Hottest Love Team at number 1. the split screen love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka “AlDub”.

AlDub Duo, starts by accident when Yaya Dub suddenly feels an inexplicable joy when she saw Alden Richards in National TV during the Juan for All and All for Juan segment.

The Duo’s success are now left and right TV commercials and endorsement, when and where ever they go people awaits them. They break records in social media especially Twitter which they hold the most tweets in one day for 25 Million tweets. and now the rest are History as the duo continues to gibe joy and excitement to the people watching around the world.