Alden Richards Wins Over Lola Nidora And Get His Chance To Hold Hands With Yaya Dub

The Eat Bulaga Dabarkads wants Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub to get close together while Yaya Dub and Lola Nidoara are visiting Broadway  but Lola Nidora, doesn’t want it to happen.

Till they decided to play a game called “Bato Bato Pick” If Alden Richards win the price is he will get a chance to hold or shake hands with Maine Mendoza.

After a closed fight, Alden Richards finally beat Lola Nidora and get his chance to hold Maine Mendoza’s hand again.

Aside from holding hands, Yaya Dub, also make a Dubsmash and get a chance to have a duet with Alden Richards in a song “Wish I May”.

Alden yaya holding hands duet live

On Friday segment KalyeSerye, Lola Nidora, agreed to go to Broadway along with Yaya Dub in a condition that Tito, Vic and Joey or TVC will sing a song from her. And get a change to see and be with Jimmy Santos.
source: GMA