Why The Two Foreigners Treat A Big Family After Hearing Their Prayers

A viral post that was shared on social media Facebook, that gave attention to many netizens, after a group of family want to thanks the foreigner who paid their bills.

According to Karl Alain Arante, he and his family are trying to budget their meals were they can save P500.00. after  choosing the right meals and the food was already serve in the table. Karl, ask her wife to lead the prayer.

Her wife, suddenly pray, long and out loud that caused to over heard by other people near them. And one of them are the two foreigner eating nearby them.

When Karls, family started to eat their meals, he noticed a foreigner approach  the cashier to pay their bills. But not knowingly that the foreigner, came over the cashier just to pay Karls and his family’s meal.

After a while the two foreigner leave and while Karls continues to have his meal, he awkwardly noticed that the supervisor and the waiter are smiling at them at that time he felt the situation kind of weird.

After their family was finished their meals, they ask for their bills. But the waiter told them that it was already paid by the two foreigners that sitting behind them.

The waiter gave then the paid bills living a message from the two foreigners. The message written is a Bible verse ” ROMANS 1:16 “Thank you for not being  ashamed of your Faith”.

After reading the message they were very thank full on the two foreigner who give inspiration to them, they thank God and ask God to bless the two foreigner .

News like this are overwhelming, hope that there are more of them in this world who respect others and give inspiration. Not just like foreigners but hopefully are own local people had the same faith, respect and attitude towards other like the two foreigners.
source: wheninmanila , news5