The Philippine Church And Government Are In Full Swing In Preparing For The Arrival Of Pope Francis

Different individuals and groups from government and private sector prepares for the imminent arrival of Pope Francis in the Philippines . Expected to remain in the country on the 15th until the 19th of January , 2015. He expressed his desire to visit the surviving victims of the recent earthquake in Yolanda and Bohol . But , according to Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, the itinerary of the pope in the country be declared before the end of the current year .

The theme of the upcoming visit of the Pope 's "mercy and compassion " by the President of the Catholic Bishops ' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP ) to Lingayen- Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas. According to him, the arrival of Pope Francis brought a message of mercy and self- mercy from the Lord . He added that he would see us who felt self- pity and mercy from the Lord, so grateful to those who helped them, especially in times of recent disasters .

The official logo for the visit of the Holy Father has three circles : two outside two arms blue ( symbolizing compassion: the color of the presence of holiness , the color of the sky and the sea that surrounds us , as only the presence of the Lord , his love that strengthens and guides us ) and red ( symbolizing mercy : the color of blood , reminds us of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross to save the world ) . Apparent embraces two arms round yellow ( symbolizing the Philippines as the " Pearl of the Orient" ) with a cross in the middle ( a symbol of Catholicism in the heart of the country ) .

On the other hand , the song " We Are All God 's Children " written by Noel Espenida and sung by Jamie Rivera has expressed openness to the inside of love and compassion , especially when the weak and needy .

Caritas Manila , a non - profit group , has started selling items with the theme for the coming of the pope such as T - shirts , pins , and some memorabilia with official logo . The revenue from it is used for helping the poor and some will be used to finance the costs for preparing for the arrival of the Pope.

On the other hand , the Radio Veritas , the communications arm of the Catholic Church , began to distribute " standees " or cardboard cutouts to the size of the pope in their churches and schools . Their intent was to build a 100 standees in selected areas . Veritas advised President Fr. Anton Pascual the public to respect the standees such as respect for the real Pope.

The government , through Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr., has required the whole of a committee in charge for the coming of the pope . Encouraged by the Papal Visit , National Organizing Committee ( NOC - PV ) all government agencies to participate and cooperate to ensure that the visit of Pope Francis is organized and peaceful .