Millions Of Devotees Swamp In The Procession Of The Black Nazarene

An estimated one million devotees participated in the annual procession of the Black Nazarene in Manila on Friday . Meanwhile , a man were killed after a heart attack while fulfilling his devotion to the alleged miraculous image .

The procession began to move the traslacion  from Luneta to Quiapo church Friday morning . it slightlydelayed the progress of the process when the alleged break lever to float the Black Nazarene which fund rope pulled by devotees

On the initial reports from the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council , there are 84 devotees were treated at the Quirino Grandstand from various health conditions such as hypertension and wounds .

On the other hand  a Devotees were killed Renato Gurion , 44 , after a heart attack during the Black Nazarene procession.

" The cause of death was a heart attack him , he was not crushed or caught base on initial reports.
said  by Johnny Yu , head of the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council .

Gurion, includes in Hijos del Nazareno which is in the float  of the Black Nazarene.

People who exploit abuses are also present during the traslacion .

But one thief was  mistakenly  tried to pickpocket a victim who was eventually a police chief Senior Inspector John Glenn Siguan part of the Quirino Grandstand .

According to Siguan , he was assisting the crowd control when he felt someone's hand on his back pocket .

" As we drive to maneuver the ( carriage ) overcrowded in rush ... I felt something . I held his hand and caught it, " he shared on dzBB .

"I dropped his hand , ( lavish ) in the pocket of my pants , " police added .

However, the suspect denied the allegations, and anonymous devotee and he was 17 - years old.

Meanwhile , a lady to whom she wished to the Nazarene her birthday wish to meet his lost son in traslacion .

According to Erlinda Dizon , 67 , a resident of Barangay Manggahan Pasig City, five months after losing his 39 - year-old son Alexander.

A miracle was happen as  Mrs . Dizon  seen his lost son with men at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and Burgos Street .

Her lost son is do not speak and has problems with memory ,
Source: GMA