Man Experienced Sudden Death After His feet Soak In A Hot Water

Feet with hot water can help blood circulation, eliminate fatigue , who thought that the foot will engage in any death Experience ?

Just last Christmas, Wenzhou City, more than 40 -year-old Lee , a regimen will be made to the city reflexology , after the end of the hot water and then soak your feet back . Unexpectedly, he suddenly pale hands , nosebleed ,died and his friends brought him to hospital and was rescued after dead.

Lee's friend , said Lee for many years in a foreign country , usually very attentive to health care , the body is also good, but a little high blood sugar . Doctors estimate that Lee sudden death may be associated with heart and brain blood vessel disease related. That there are four categories of people should not be soaked feet, nor even to dip more than 20 minutes .

1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients

Cold weather, human blood vessels shrink up , and if the water temperature is too hot dip feet , stimulate blood vessels to the foot of the post will lead to a rapid increase in blood pressure , increasing the burden on the heart , blood vessels in a short time , it is possible to induce aspects of cardiovascular disease, which to the number of the highest incidence of coronary heart disease .

2. Diabetics

Diabetic neuropathy prone , so that peripheral nerves can not normally perceive the outside temperature , immersion foot when the water temperature is likely to try not easily be burned . And high water temperature , but also easily lead to foot infections , accelerated disease progression . So doctors recommend patients with diabetes should test the water temperature feet first by family , let the patient feet into the water , the water temperature to 37 ℃ appropriate.

3. Who habitually cold feet

Habitually cold feet should not use hot water foot. Many people appear to customary winter cold feet , some people want to use hot water warm feet, so desirable. Feet were frozen , indicating that invasion by very cold wind chill , the temperature is lower than normal degree of tolerance of the body , skin, muscle stiffness in the state . If at this sudden foot with hot water , skin, muscle withstand huge temperature changes , it will be worse for cold feet . Therefore , after the application of hand moderately cold feet rub the foot fever, rather than simply using hot water heating.

4. Children

Children get angry easy to heat , and then hotter if flooding feet, will be hot on the heating .

Ordinary dip feet, but also to avoid the fullness, hunger , or the fed state Baptist feet because feet will accelerate blood circulation, dizziness and discomfort prone . Within half an hour after a meal should not be soaked feet, otherwise it will affect the blood supply of the stomach .