Do's And Dont's While Attending Pope Francis Activities

What should and should not ' be done when attending  Pope Francis 's activities? Are you going to places where Pope Francis will go while in the Philippines ? Learn the things you should and should not do, and the other notices from the government .

Among the advice of the Department of Health to people who will come to public events of the Pope will not bring valuables such as jewelry and gadgets .

Do not be littering in public places to be used in the activity of the Pope which will visiting the country on January 15 to 19 .

Here are some " dos and don'ts ":

- Bring food that is not easy to break to prevent starving
- Comfortable attire
- If you are sick or disabled , should have some assist you
- Bring medicine if you have high blood pressure or diabetes
- Check immediately the place of the station
- Carry an ID card or piece of paper that contained some important information such as the name and phone number

- Do not litter
- Do not pee in anywhere . Use portalet
- If you are pregnant and experiencing premature contractions , do not go to the forum .
 - Do not bring a backpack or bag
- Do not carry an umbrella . If you need to bring resistance to rain , bring a raincoat .

When  bringing a child make sure that:
- If you take the child , ensure that they are always accompanied by adults
- Write a piece of information in a  paper about their parents  and how to contact them in case the child lost.

What to bring
- Candy or chocolate to prevent  hunger or sickness
- Container of  drinking water which is not breakable
- fan
- Towel
- Hand sanitizer
- Wet Wipes
- Rain coat

When there was an emergency , go immediately to the nearest medical station tent or ambulance service to provide first aid .

Malacanang earlier advised that  if unavoidable to carry bag , it should be easy to see which is transparent inside
source: GMA