Family Of Head AirAsia Flight Attendants Expect Miracles

On the fifth day after the disappearance of aircraft AirAsia QZ8501 , Setiawati Wanti family , one of the flight attendants on board , still waiting for news of the existence of their beloved person . They hope there is a miracle of God .

" We got offended when people ask for our sister will be buried where . Because until now it has not confirmed that our sister died , " said by Ana ( 32 ) older sister of Wanti when met at the residence of their parents Wanti in Housing Sariwangi Asri Village Middle Overtime RT 04 RW 05 Village Sariwangi Parongpong District of West Bandung regency , on Thursday ( 01/01/2015 ) .

The family hopes that there are still a miracles on God for the existence of the couple 's youngest daughter Manah ( 60 ) and Ansoma ( 70 ) .

" Wish immediately met . We entrust to charge there . We hope though only 1 percent , " he said .

In residence Wanti they still continue to follow the developments on television in search and rescue. The mother looked strong , as did his father . They hope she prayed that her son is protected by God .

" There are lectures every day , exhausted and depleted noon to sunset , " said Manah , the mother .

Warn is the youngest of six brothers pair Aam Somah ( 65 ) and Manah ( 55 ) . He was born and raised in Bandung . Graduates LPK Ariyanti Bandung previously worked at several hotels in Bandung before then entered as a flight attendant on AirAsia and rented a house in Surabaya .