Guide on how to apply for PLDT Account Termination

Philippines - are you one of those million subscriber of PLDT? If yes, this article might be right for you in the near future? PLDT formerly known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company is one or if not the biggest internet provider in the country together with their long rival Globe Telecom.

Through the years there are left and right Internet providers that surfaced in the country, the latest after PLDT and Globe is the DITO Telecommunity not to mention some small internet provider.

Due to the competition on who's the better internet speed and good services as well, subscriber can choose on one of these providers? Unfortunately, if you are currently in contract on one of those internet provider you must first settle your account before transferring to other internet provider.

In my case, I've been with PLDT Fiber for 6 years so I already exceeded my contract, so when I decided to terminate my contract I just go to the nearest PLDT Branch and file the Account Termination. Take Note: (this procedure is different from the subscriber within the lock in period with PLDT).

Here are the step by step guide on how to apply for PLDT Account Termination.

1. You may call first the PLDT Hotline 171 and inform them your plan of Account Termination or directly go to the nearest PLDT Branch which the one i did and file the Account Termination.

2. Bring Valid ID's.

3. Write a simple letter of Termination, indicate the reason of termination, Account Name, Account Number, Telephone Number and Cellphone number.

Here is a sample letter.

To whom it may concern,

I, your name, requesting for the closure of my PLDT account. I no longer need the services of the PLDT due to rarely used of the internet.

Thank you!

Account name:
Account #
Telephone #
CP #

After I passed the letter of termination and presented a valid ID, they approved my account termination, I, also settled some amount of money for the number of days I used the internet according to their system. fortunately it's not a whole month of bill.

That's it, hope this article helps on subscriber that is planning to terminate their contract with PLDT for any reason what may be?