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LeBron James Takes 5th Spot of the NBA All-Time Scoring List

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NBA – On November 14, 2018 (US TIME) LeBron James made another history as he passes Hall of Fame and Lakers Great Wilt Chamberlain to take the 5th spot on the NBA All-Time Scoring List while Wilt Chamberlain moves down into 6th spot. 

Before the season start LeBron James is currently at the 7th spot of the NBA All-Time Scoring List, as soon as the 2018 - 2019 NBA Season starts he quickly passes Dallas Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki to take the 6th spot and passes bye the only remaining active players in the list.

Now tonight James passes Wilt Chamberlain as he takes the 5th Spot and eyeing the spot of the “GOAT” Michael Jordan at 4th Spot. James is expected to pass Jordan as the season progress or possibly before the season ends.

As of now James has 31,425 career points and he will need 868 points to surpass Michael Jordan, who is currently 4th with 32,292 career points. Aside from Jordan, there are 3 more players on the top of the list they are Kobe Bryant which is at the 3rd spot, Karl Malone in 2nd spot and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the 1st spot All-Time.

James, who had a monster game tonight dropped 44 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assist, one assist shy of getting his 2nd triple double of this season while also adding 3 blocks and 1 steal in win against the 2nd best record in the West the Portland Trailblazer at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Aside for LeBron James Historic night, The Lakers win put them in 7th spot in the West Standing along with their 4 – game winning streak, which put the Lakers as the hottest team in the West. Lakers next game are Orlando Magic, Miami Heat and the much awaited return of LeBron in Ohio against his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How to Register NBI Clearance Online Appointment

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Philippines – The National Bureau of Investigation or NBI has updated or changes their system to give easier for all NBI Clearance applicants whenever they apply for the said clearance. According to the new system applicants must visit their website to register in order to fully use the NBI Clearance Online Applications

Applicants have two options to register on the website, it’s either new applicants or applicants with no old NBI Clearance or old applicants with their old NBI Clearance? Just simply check the desired options for you.

For Applicants with no old NBI Clearance simply follow these steps:

1. Register as new account

2. Fill up the correct information provided by the applicants

3. Click and read the terms of services before proceeding

4. Click sign up to proceed

5. Double check and confirm your information

6. Make sure that your email address has not yet been take or already in use

7. If all things work you are now be able to Log-in to NBI Clearance online services

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At the NBI Online Services:

1. Fill up the remaining details of Applicant's Information and click save information

2. Upload Photo and click Apply for Clearance

3. A pop up notification of what kind of document to bring for verification

4. Another pop up notification regarding Registration Code

5. Now it’s time to select the NBI Branch you want to visit for scheduling

6. To complete your transaction select your desired payment options.

Take note: if you choose 7-11 as your payment options just simply go to the nearest 7-11 branches in your area and pay using your reference number

7. Another pop up message appeared with your transaction summary including the multi-purpose clearance, amount of the NBI Clearance which is Php130.00 and additional fee of Php25.00 for the e-payment service.

8. Click proceed to payment and another pop up message showing your reference never and simply click accept

9. That’s it after payment is made you can now go to the desired NBI Branches you choose together with your chosen schedule.
source: nbi

Cavs Falls Anew in 94 – 126 Rout by the Hornets

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NBA – Defending 4 – straight NBA Season Eastern Conference Champion the Cleveland Cavaliers was once more suffered another blown out loss 94 – 126 with this time against the Charlotte Hornets at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC. 

The Cavaliers have now losses their last 2 game, including this game which lead to their worst start of the season with only 1 win against the Atlanta Hawks and 8 loss in 9 games in a pre-LeBron James era.

Cavs is currently last in East Standing and having the worst record in the league, with the departure of LeBron James, Cavs are facing or is expected to have their worst season in 4 years and without Kevin Love services which is suffering from foot injury and is expected to be out in 6 weeks which gives more problem for the team on how to get back up in the standings in this early season of the 2018 - 2019 NBA Season in pre LeBron Era.

Cavs has also recently fired their former coach Tyronn Lue, who led the coaching job that led the Cavs franchise in their first ever Championship after 52 years of drought in Cleveland History in 2016 but due to Cavs poor start of this season they changes their coach but it didn’t help the team to solve their problem.

The Cavaliers with LeBron James in their roster has been the best team in the East, but without James the Cavaliers from being the best is shifted to being the worst and it's happening this season now? While LeBron James with the Lakers is also having their problems, but with a much better record in the league compare with the Cavaliers.