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Scary Footage: Alleged Vampire Caught In CCTV Showing No Reflection as He Pass by a Wide Mirror

A CCTV footage, showing a scary video of a man dress in black, caught on camera showing no reflection in a very wide mirror as he pass by beside it.

The scary footage was caught in a flip flop store, somewhere in Savannah. As you can see in the footage that there are several people inside the store and yet almost all of them are showing reflection in the mirror.

A woman sitting and a man standing in front of her, and the man who first pass by a mirror are all have reflection in the mirror.

But one man who puzzle many netizens, on how and why he has no reflection in the mirror when he pass by over it? The man in black, shows nothing, as in no reflection at all in the mirror? Is he a Vampire?

Many speculations throughout the years about Vampire? Their existence and the speculations that Vampire has no reflection if they accidentally faced a mirror. If this is true? Then the man in the flip flop store showing no reflection might be a real vampire in a modern world.

But then again another speculations that might exist. It might be a trick? Or edited video that wants to fool netizens in order to gain many viewers in social media?
What do you thinks of this video? Is this real or fake?

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2 comments to ''Scary Footage: Alleged Vampire Caught In CCTV Showing No Reflection as He Pass by a Wide Mirror"

  1. My take is, please have an editor to check your English grammar

  2. Is it real? no tricks?


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