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Watch: Why These People Are Afraid Of Using Escalator

In China, a viral video is making rounds in the social media. the video, might be funny for someone who see it but you can’t blame this people who are using escalator. After several accident happen involving escalator in the past few days , which involve a mother who died in a shopping mall  in China. When she fall inside the escalator together with her son, when the metal plates of escalator collapses. Her son  luckily survive the incident.

source: youtube

A few days later another accident happen involving again an escalator in a shopping mall in Shanghai, China. where  a cleaner , lost his leg, after his leg was caught inside the escalator. Due to severe injury suffered by his legs, the doctor decided to amputate his leg.

Because of this accidents people are now having phobia of using escalator. Not just in China, where the accidents happen but even in some other country. Even I, when I go through a mall, I am now more vigilant,curious and afraid of using the escalator. Who knows, it happen in China, it might happen here in my country.

A woman dies after falling inside escalator
source: youtube

Knowing that even an escalator can kill a human life. So, even if this accident has past through the years and forgotten by others. I will always remember this. That I should always be careful of using escalator or rather I would not use it anymore. I will just used the stair.

Cleaner lost his leg
source: youtube

This accident could be avoided if the management of the mall who handles it, are more on safety precautions.  Hopefully with this accidents happen, they will learn a lot on their mistakes and they will give more precautions and safety of all people who are using it.

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