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Watch: OFW Nanny In Middle East Having Fun With Her Employers Children While Singing Tagalog Songs

A recorded video of an "OFW Filipina Nanny" together with the child shes taking care off in Middle East has become viral in social media.

The video shows a Filipina nanny, fixing her hair by her”Alaga” or the child shes taking care off, while they are in-front of a video recording and having some cup of tea or “chai” in Arabic.

As the video goes, one of her employer’s child, grab’s a chair and looks in front of the camera and saying Filipino words “Mabuti” and “kumusta ka”  in Tagalog  which means “How are you”.

The nanny and her employers child, seems are having fun , while the filipina nanny  saying several tagalog words, while the two Arabian children keep repeating the tagalog words of there nanny’s saying.

As the video continues its recording, They sing “Mahal ko o Mahal ako” and “Pusong Bato“.  they keep having fun while they singing and they also showing  different expression on there face specially the two Arabian children.

After they finish there bonding time, the three singer bids there goodbye.

As you can see in this viral video, its a very good thing to see, that the Filipina Nanny is close to her "Alaga". not all nanny are experiencing the love and care from their employers and children's employer.

There are many cases through the years that has been reported not just in Middle East, but in some part of the world that a nanny is being mistreated by their employer.

And by watching this video, it only proved that there are still more employer and employers children that are willing to love there nanny, despite the difference in society and race.

And the good thing about this video, the Arabian children, are willing to learn the Filipino Language, that their Nanny taught to them.

Being an OFW Nanny, is a very hard Job to be, leaving your own son, or family in the Philippines. taking care of someone else son for a living, but that’s the way life goes if you want to earn more money. Sacrifice must be done to give the family's need.

 It's nice to see that she was in the right employer and both are giving their love, hopefully a lot of these will be reported that many nanny not just in middle are having fun with there employer.
source: youtube

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