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Viral Video: Two People Experience A Miraculous Escaped Of Death

In Anapolis, Brazil, a viral video was caught in a CCTV of an actual accident that happen.
The accident which involve  an out of control black car, a white car and two civilian people that just walking around the sidewalks.

A  grandmother and her five year old grandson are just walking around the side walks when an out of control  black car suddenly appear and rammed a parked white car in the sidewalks, which eventually caused to move and run over the grandmother and her five year old grandson.

Miraculously both of them ( the grandmother and her grandson) survived the accident. After the white car run over the two civilian, you can see the boy’s head was clearly run over by the wheels, but as if nothing happen to him, as in he immediately stand try to assist his grandmother which is lying down on the floor.

Report said that the grandmother suffered injury on the said accident but the boy is in good condition.
The video became viral in social media, different people express their opinions on the miraculously escaped of death  of the two civilian.

Some say that the boy was saved by his guardian angel, due to the footage that shows, the boy was run over by the white car on his head but despite of that, the footage shows that the boy show no evident of injury? As if nothing happen to him? That’s why some people say he was saved by his guardian angel? Some say it was just a pure luck?

 What do you think?
source: youtube

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