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Viral Video: A Foreigner Who Hated Thailand Because Someone Took His Bag

A viral video which has now a 1,496,230 likes in youtube.
Its about a man who hated Thailand.
The man who’s name James, is a foreigner to Thailand who is taking a one week vacation, to have his best vacation in Thailand but it turns all wrong when someone took his bag.
For that he blame the country of Thailand and he hated it.

He became aggressive,  he thought thai people cannot be trust.
Until a woman in a motor bike help him, The girl offer her hospitally but James still so disrespectfull. He thought she cannot be trust.

But when he see that Thai people are willing to help him, he realize that he was wrong! They offered him a shelter to sleep, whlie looking for his lost bag? he then realize that living in Thailand you need to be flexible.

He learn about the relegion of Budhist, he became a teacher and learning about thai people at the same time.

He fall in love in the beauty of Thailand and might be also to the girl in the motor bike that help him. Because of that he almost forget that he is searching for his lost bag.

until one day a man return his bag, and said that he get it in a monkey.
So in the first place the one took his bag is the monkey not the thai people.
Then James laugh…..

James, realized that thailand brought him friends, now from a week vacation, he is now living in Thailand for almost two years.
Source: youtube

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