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Living Velociraptor Dinosaur Caught in the Forest of Congo

 CONGO – a tremendous discovery has been found within the Jungles of Northern Congo. it's being report that a live dinosaur was captured earlier nowadays by native residents. The astonishing image below shows the beast being bound by rope. The capture was quickly followed by the observance of, what seems to be a pteranodon—a massive dinosaur-era bird who was believed to possess gone extinct concerning seventy five Million years past.

 A neighborhood, named Deborah Kidiaba, was able to catch a couple of photos of the enormous bird. “It was large, it should have had a 20-25 foot wingspread. it had been terribly way, however can be seen utterly due to its size” says native resident and witness Antoine Muamba. The Pteranodon was noticed a couple of hundred miles far from the placement of the dinosaur capture.

The astonishing image below shows the beast being restrained by rope. Scientists from everywhere the planet and continent are finding out the photograph and have complete that the dinosaur could be a Velociraptor—which was believed to possess gone extinct seventy one Million years past.

Within a couple of hours, the dinosaur was transferred to The University of Republic of South Africa|African country|African nation} in South Africa for analysis. “It is probably one among the foremost wonderful discoveries in modern history. A creature who was believed to possess gone extinct a lot of years past is alive right ahead us. we tend to also are surprised by the Pteranodon photograph captured earlier nowadays. It nearly looks impossible—two ancient creatures in a day. There’s no doubt there’s additional of those animal species, or maybe different species, roaming the deep jungles of continent, or the other continent. who knows? we {are able to} be watching a future massive population of various dinosaur species roaming the world in conjunction with humans and therefore the remainder of the animals we tend to are familiar with.” says scientist John Kotze.
References: Huzlers

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2 comments to ''Living Velociraptor Dinosaur Caught in the Forest of Congo"

  1. nope i absolutely can't see the fuzzy edges around the photoshopped picture

  2. dont discount the South African University. Can you actually say you know everything about our universe, world and oceans? I didn't think so


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